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Photography by:  Erin Krikstone

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Simply That Photography specializes in Maternity and Newborn Portrait Photography.  I am based in Allen, TX and work throughout the N. DFW Metroplex.




So you want to know more about me?

First, I am a mom to two beautiful children and a wife to a wonderful and very supportive husband.  It is because of my family that I finally decided to take the leap to become a Photographer.  I love to capture their smiles, their laughter, their frowns, their temper tantrums, and their messy faces.   Each and every moment with my family goes by so quickly and I want to remember every stage in our lives together, from the smiling to the not-so-smiling moments.  And I want to help you to remember those precious little faces of your family too!   This is why I focus on maternity and newborn photography.  These are the days that go by the quickest.  One minute, you are holding your precious and tiny little baby, the next you are chasing after a little child — and this happens in the space of one year!!!

Why Choose Me?

Choosing a photographer that is right for you is a very important decision.  There are many factors to consider:

1) Does your photographer have an established record of doing the type of photography that you need?   A family Photographer or Wedding Photographer may not have experience with Newborns and vise versa.

2) When looking through the photographer’s portfolio, do you notice a consistency from photograph to photograph?  Each photograph should be properly exposed, properly white balanced, provide nice light, etc.

I take my business very seriously and only offer the highest level of service and products.  I am as careful with my little newborn clients as I was with my own.

Considering a session?  Please contact me to discuss!  Email: or use the contact form on the website.  You can also call my office at 469-342-0101.


What is Custom Photography?
I provide a Custom Photography Experience.  I do not just “take photos”, I create works of art that you will be proud to hang on your wall.
When you come to me for a session, I work with you to find out exactly what you want from your photographs.  Do you want to put them on a
Huge Canvas to hang over your fireplace?  Awesome, I love that!  Do you want to create a gorgeous little baby book to show all of your
friends?  I love that too!  My goal is to provide you with an experience that you will not forget and memories that will last forever.   A session
with me is never rushed.  In fact, a typical newborn session lasts 2-3 Hours.

From start to finish, I spend at least 10 hours on a Newborn Client (though you may only see me for 3-4 hours).  This sets me apart from other studios and big box retail stores.  I work with each image to make it perfect for you.  When babies are brand new, they have red, splotchy skin, acne, bumps, and bruises.  But their photographs will not!  I take a picture with my camera, but you are delivered Art Work as the finished product.  When you buy a print from me, you are not buying a piece of paper.  You are buying something that I have poured hours of time and years of experience into.

Custom Photography is not for everyone.  Some families are very happy to go to a big retail store or get a few snapshots of their baby and that’s okay!  I encourage those snapshots because everyone should have something.  But, if you choose a Custom Photography session, I hope you choose me.  I do Photography because I ADORE babies.  Really and truly, I love what I do.

Services that I offer:
Newborn Photographer in Allen, TX / Family Photographer in Allen, TX / Maternity Photographer in Allen, TX / Newborn Photographer in Frisco, TX / Family Photographer in Frisco, TX / Maternity Photographer in Frisco, TX / Newborn Photographer in McKinney, TX / Family Photographer in McKinney, TX / Maternity Photographer in McKinney, TX / Newborn Photographer in Anna, TX / Family Photographer in Anna, TX / Maternity Photographer in Anna, TX / Newborn Photographer in Plano, TX / Family Photographer in Plano, TX / Maternity Photographer in Plano, TX / Newborn Photographer in Dallas, TX / Maternity Photographer in Dallas, TX / Family Photographer in Dallas, TX


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